On the Edge

On The Edge is currently unavailable. Stay tuned to Twitter (@annecalhoun) for more details about a release with a new cover!

For Lucy Malone—young and on the fast track to partner—nothing beats the adrenaline rush of edgy sex. But men can’t handle Lucy’s professional success or the passionate nature she refuses to hide behind a vanilla exterior…until she meets ex-Marine John Langley.

A man who handles all things dangerous, John respects Lucy’s competitiveness and confidence even as he one-ups her fantasies, transforming their hot hookup into an emotional snare tightening around her heart. Determined to regain control, Lucy challenges John to a dark, risky game designed to push them both to the edge.

John knows he’s in a winner-takes-all fight for Lucy’s trust…and her heart. With the help of Ty Hendricks, a fellow Marine, he’s going to show Lucy there’s nothing she can do but surrender.


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