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Liberating Lacey

Liberating Lacey by Anne Calhoun

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Liberating Lacey is unavailable as of November, 2014. Stay tuned to my Twitter account @annecalhoun for re-release details, including a new cover!

Get curious. Go deep.

Newly divorced Lacey Meyers wasted too many years yawning through sex in the missionary position. Now she’s looking for a hookup with a man who can make her shatter. What she gets is a hot younger cop with handcuffs…and he’s not afraid to use them.

Hunter Anderson knows the score—though classy, successful women like Lacey might play with guys like him, at the end of the evening, they walk. But when one night leads to another and then another, he finds himself getting too attached to a woman he can’t have.

Lacey knows Hunter—gorgeous, hard-edged and eight years younger—won’t want anything permanent. No matter how hot and daring he makes her first public sex, quickie, backseat encounter and secret fantasy role-play, she can’t mistake adventurous sex for emotional involvement.

They both know it’s got to end, and soon, or someone’s going to get hurt. But can either of them go back to life without the other?

Reader Advisory: Lacey’s highly erotic “forced” sex fantasy comes true in this book. Lucky her!


From Jane at Dear Author (grade: B+):

Liberating Lacey is one of the best erotic romances I’ve read in a long time but it is also a book for those who enjoy contemporary romances because the eroticism comes primarily from the graphic nature of the sex scenes. There is little to no kink. No ridiculous cocks that are jumping out of the pants and running down the street after the heroine’s twitching clit.

I read the book twice in as many days because I wanted to revisit particular scenes in the story. In rereading it was still as good as the first time so I hope other people find out about you and read your book. It’s an emotional read with two characters that I can fall in love with. B+.”

From Smart Bitches, Trashy Books (grade: B-):

I loved that the tension was enormous and based on incendiary sexual attraction and a vast craggy and complex valley of differences between them. … Sex is not an accessory to the plot of this novel – their relationship starts out as a one night stand but they can’t get enough of each other.

For Lacey, Hunter is a way to sexually experiment, to reveal parts of her sexuality she’d never been able to indulge in her sheltered marriage. But she doesn’t use him for very long – she genuinely likes him. And for Hunter, Lacey is an unexpected pleasure that turns into a sort of dream or aspiration, that one day he could be with someone like her. … The tension is thick and the sex is hot and most importantly, the characters are believable and real and empathetic.

From The Romance Readers Connection (4.5 out of 5 rating):

This is a complex, detailed, absolutely fabulous book. The intimate relationship between these two complex people is hot, hot, hot!  But the novel is about much more than sex, it lets us into Hunter’s relationship with his carpenter father.  It also gives some insight into the role of sexual and emotional intimacy for men and women, the similarities and the differences.  We get a thorough view of both characters and their pasts.  There is a surprise at the end of this book that draws everything into perspective.  I loved this book and the clever way it is written.  Not to be missed for fans of ultimate fiction.  I want to read more by this talented author.

From Kimberley Spinney at (4 stars)

Anne Calhoun is an amazingly gifted author. Sexy younger men, sassy older women and a good pair of handcuffs are all it takes to make this story explode.  The characters are brilliantly crafted and the story itself just rockets off the pages of this novel.  There is so much action and sensuality packed into the pages of this book that it makes the reader want more.  I am highly anticipating Ms. Calhoun’s next release.

From Sheila at Two Lips Reviews (5 Lips):

I loved this story. Lacey is strong and confident. She is able to be herself and do what she wants. Hunter is a good foil for her. He also is strong and confident but his past comes back to haunt him. I loved that Lacey decided she was only looking for a one-night stand and went for it. … Liberating Lacey is a beautifully written tale of two lonely people who find each other and work through the difficulties of a relationship. Anne Calhoun has a winner here and it is a keeper.

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