Where I Write…

…depends on a number of factors. Other work that has to be done on a given day. The weather. My mood. If there’s chocolate in the house. Today I’m at Whole Foods because I’m meeting a friend in a couple of hours and this is convenient for both of us. There’s also no chocolate in the house.

I drink Honest Tea at Whole Foods. They have cool little quotes on the bottle caps. Today’s quote from a bottle of Lori’s Lemon Tea:

“The trouble with pragmatism is that it’s completely useless.” Sidney Morgenbesser

So true. So true.


Creating a blog is a blast…and a GREAT way to procrastinate. It’s kind of like unpacking when you’ve moved house. I’ve got things put away…but not exactly like I want them. So, bear with me as I work on this over the next few days.

Today is the first day in about 3 weeks I haven’t had additional freelance work on my plate. I meant to spend the morning writing but instead I spent it blogging and tweaking. Fun fun, but not words on the page. So, that’s my afternoon. Words on the page.