Re-release Day! Now available: TRANSCENDENT

Now available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble is a re-release of the two stories I had in the Agony/Ecstasy anthology that came out a couple of years ago. These short stories feature the same couple, Marin and Cole, with one told from Marin’s POV and the other from Cole’s.

I really recommend the entire anthology, too, especially if you’re looking for talented authors in BDSM and erotic romance. Del Dryden, Helen Kay Dimon, Margaret Rowe, and Shoshanna Evers all have stories in this book, just to name a few. It’s $5 at Amazon right now, and worth the price.

Happy reading!

12/30 Not Quite New Year’s Eve Facebook Party

Tessa Dare. Maisey Yates. Miranda Neville. Jeffe Kennedy. Megan Mulry. And me. All in one place! Mark your calendars for 12/30/14 from 7-9 ET/4-6 PT for a Not Quite New Year’s Eve Facebook Party!

There are so many great books to celebrate as the year draws to a close. Jeffe Kennedy released Under His Touch, the next book in her Falling Under series. Megan Mulry’s Roulette features a whirl of glitz, glamour, and a sexy international playboy hero. Maisey Yates’ 9th Chatsfield book came out – Sheikh’s Desert Duty. And Miranda Neville and Tessa Dare, two of the most talented writers of historical romance, both have new books out on December 30th! Miranda released the fabulously titled The Duke of Dark Desires, and Tessa’s heroine must decide whether or not to Say Yes to the Marquess. Talk about saving the best for last!

There’s something for everyone at this party – historical, contemporary, erotic, sheikhs and playboys, a duke and a marquess, a governess, settings ranging from the desert to the boardroom, and back in time to Regency England – including a chance to win an ARC of my March, 2015 release The List. Plan to stop by and comment to be entered to win a prize from each author, and a grand prize from all of us! I hope to see you there!

Friday Reads, Knitting, and a Sneak Peek

I’m a little delusional this Friday. I’m working on copy edits for my March release, The List, and I need to clean my whole house, top to bottom, in anticipation of company next week. Surely there will be time to read and knit, right?

Books + yarn = happy!

Books + yarn = happy!

Don’t burst my bubble, folks. The project on the needles is the Smart Bitches Outlandish Arm Warmers by @ElyseIndeed, knit with Rowan Yarn’s Fine Tweed in Wensley (that’s blue-green for those of you who don’t speak Rowan). These are going to be a fun, quick knit, lots of stockinette so suitable for knitting with one eye on a movie or a soccer game.

Claire's arm warmers. Pattern by @ElyseIndeed via @SmartBitches

Claire’s arm warmers. Pattern by @ElyseIndeed via @SmartBitches

I’m not sure I’ll actually wear them. Fingerless gloves, etc, look very cool on other people, but I’m usually so cold I’m wearing a turtleneck and a thick sweater. My opportunities to wear a 3/4 length shirt sleeve and some diabolically adorable arm warmers are slim. I might end up giving them away.

The other yarn is for the Honey Cowl, knit in the recommended MadelineTosh DK in Moorland. I think. I can’t wait to cast that on. The pics on Ravelry and Flickr are so beautiful!

Item the third: a couple of lines from The List.

“I’m not going to jump.”

“I didn’t think you were,” he said. He had a long face with strong bones and a full-lipped mouth that looked like it rarely smiled. She found herself wondering how his smile transformed his face, if it made it foolish, or charming.

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Whether you’re cleaning, knitting, or reading, I hope you have a great weekend!

Liminal Spaces

My subconscious is a weird place. People assume it’s because I write about *gasp* sex, and love, but by this point, I’ve come to take that for granted. I think about sex. Most people do. Let’s move on to something more interesting, like liminal spaces.

Liminal comes from the Latin word limens, meaning threshold. A liminal space is a threshold. A doorway. A landing. A place in time or space that is “in between” (I’m kind of obsessed with in between places and states). When you write day after day, week after week, year after year, you start to notice things about your writing, words you over use (my characters say “just” and “of course” all the time, until I go through and cut dozens). Situations, scenarios, character traits, themes all get used again and again, as we drag something from our subconscious into the light and have a look at it. I’m not sure why, but liminal spaces come up again and again in my books. So many of my characters interact on front porches and stoops, in elevators, on their way to and from something.

Think of Hunter on Lacey’s front porch, the different guises he wore, Rachel at Ben’s apartment door as she tried to find a new person to be on Sunday mornings, or Adam showing up at the door to Marissa’s apartment, again and again and again. In my upcoming book The List, the hero and heroine meet on a ledge, a space that looks like a boundary until one of them crosses it and transforms it into a liminal space. That’s what happens in liminal spaces: you made decisions there, before you cross the boundary into the space, into someone’s life, or into a new version of yourself. Typically, the main event in a story or scene happens in a defined space: a room or a building or a situation, but I think interesting things happen in those transition spaces, too.

Another thing I’m obsessed with is hall tables. This is a practical problem, rather than a theoretical one with a Latin origin, although I’m sure the ancients also puzzled over the problem of where to put your stuff when you walk in the door. Our garage opens into the laundry room, which isn’t very big. Mr. C leaves his wallet and keys on the washing machine because it’s the first available flat surface inside the house, but the washer spins things behind, prompting epic, rabid searches for lost items. My spot is in the kitchen, on the desk we don’t use as a desk. It holds my purse, tote, books, phone and iPad charger, library books, the boy’s piggy bank I raid for quarters for the parking meters downtown, Kleenex, anything else that’s either recently come into the house or needs to leave the house.

I guess it’s a liminal space for my possessions, as well as a staging area for comings and goings. Time can be a liminal space; Friday night is pizza and a movie night at our house  to mark the transition from week days to week ends, from an outward focus on work and the world to an inward focus on family and ourselves. Liminal times can often be stressful, but there’s great power in them. As the weekend draws near, I hope you find some quiet time no matter where you are: arrived, leaving, or somewhere in between.

One Line Wednesday

Well, technically two lines that comprise one thought. A snippet of dialogue from the The Muse, an Irresistible novel due out next year.

“You’re trying to get your brain to tell your body it’s safe, to think your way into safety. Maybe your body needs to get used to being in danger and being okay.”

*This is from the rough draft, so the above may be revised, edited, or cut completely. Items in the mirror are closer than they appear. Tax, title, and license extra. Your mileage may vary. Mine certainly does.

Newsletter giveaway winners!

Congratulations to Lainey93 and Brie Clementine, newsletter subscribers who won the book of their choice from my backlist. Watch your inboxes, dear readers!

Everyone who is signed up for my newsletter is entered to win a giveaway of some sort with each newsletter, and receives announcements, sneak peeks, and insider information on my books. Thanks to everyone who signed up in the initial push and helped me celebrate the release of Afternoon Delight.

Now available: Afternoon Delight!

Afternoon Delight, the first book in the Irresistible series, is now available!

AfternoonDelight final


Sarah Naylor, food truck co-owner and recent Manhattan transplant, savors each moment of her new job—whether it’s refining the truck’s menu, learning the city, or spending afternoons in bed with the hot paramedic who’s fast becoming her favorite customer.

Tim Cannon spends his days sprinting from one emergency to the next. He eats like he works—at top speed—somewhere along the line he lost his ability to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Hooking up with Sarah is just another way to cope with the stress of his job, until their afternoon trysts coax Tim into enjoying everything he’s avoided. Can Tim learn to balance his job saving lives with the everyday delights that make life worth living? If anyone can teach him, it’s Sarah….


Wheee! I hope you love it!

Final teaser for Afternoon Delight

Setup: Tim and Sarah have a running challenge…and Tim’s finally won one.

He walked to his apartment in the same erotic haze, the spring sunshine a tangible weight on his skin. The city’s air still smelled fresh, not yet tainted with summer’s heat of exhaust, rubber, asphalt, garbage, and eight million people. He inhaled. Warm buns from the bakery on the corner. The trees, stressed as they were by not enough light and polluted air, were bursting from bud to leaf. He could smell that, too. Not even the cabbage and onions simmering on his downstairs neighbor’s stove could eradicate the promise of sunshine and life.

He carried around plenty, the weight of responsibility for his patients the heaviest burden, the weight of training Casey additional and necessary. He was happy to carry it; passing on knowledge was a critical part of the job. But just like good stress was still stress, any responsibility he shouldered added weight. But the sunshine, like Sarah, somehow lightened the burden.

“Get a grip, Cannon,” he muttered. “Next you’ll be composing poetry to the birds.”

His phone buzzed. He pulled it from his cargo pants pocket and looked at it.

I’ll be there by four.

Finally, the end was in sight. He wanted her to know what to expect, so he sent her a quick response, just to set the mood. Be ready to pay up.

I hope you enjoyed this last teaser…the whole book is on sale tomorrow! 🙂

Afternoon Delight teaser: All Dialogue

“You are an absolutely rotten loser.”

“I am not. I just don’t concede defeat,” he said, and kissed her again.

“You’re touching me.”

“I’m kissing you. You didn’t say I couldn’t kiss you.”

“Your skin is touching my skin.”

He kissed her heated cheek, then her ear. “Darlin’, if we were skin to skin right now, you wouldn’t be arguing semantics with me.”

Happy Thursday, everyone… 🙂

Anne’s Bday Bash!

Today is my birthday, and in the spirit of celebrating good times with good friends, the fabulous and talented Jeffe Kennedy is hosting a social media birthday bash for me!


Jeffe and I have releases a week apart, and my birthday falls smack in the middle. Rogue’s Paradise, book 3 in her Covenant of Thorns trilogy – which completes the trilogy for the first book Jeffe published – yay! - came out on Monday, and Afternoon Delight, first in my new IRRESISTIBLE series comes out on September 16. All of these things are worth celebrating, a release that brings closure to a series, the kick-off book in a new series, me turning *mumble mumble* a year older, friends and fun and, of course, books! Lots and lots of books.

The details, from Jeffe’s blog:

Therefore, I propose a game. For the next 24 hours, from midnight Central US time on September 11 up until the hands of the clock switch over to September 12, I want you to give Anne gifts.

Virtual ones.

Send her pictures of what you think she’d love. Tweet them to us, at@jeffekennedy and/or @annecalhoun – be sure to use the hashtag #annebday. Or paste them to our Facebook pages! Stick that #annebday hashtag on there and put them on and/or We’ll be picking our favorites, too, and sharing them. Be creative! Have FUN!

Send me pictures of things you think I’d love, and send me pictures of things YOU love. And, because nothing would make me happier than to give away presents on my birthday, we’re giving away books! Jeffe’s offering two digital copies of Afternoon Delight and I’m thrilled to give two lucky winners Rogue’s Paradise. International is okay, since these are digital…


We’re also giving away each other’s backlists. Watch our Facebook and Twitter feeds – especially that #annebday hashtag – for flash giveaways from us and our friends. Jeffe also claims to have dancing boys, but I don’t know anything about that. 😉

I’m so excited to celebrate my birthday with friends, readers, and readers who’ve become friends. Watch #annebday for giveaways, chatter, and lots of fun. I hope you’ll join the party!