Afternoon Delight Exclusive Content: The High Line

It’s no secret that I love New York City. I lived there for five wonderful, noisy, challenging years, through graduate school, a pregnancy, and my first novel (that lives under my bed, where it belongs). Manhattan is one of my favorite places to set stories. The last time I visited was for my anniversary last year, and visiting the High Line was one of the highlights of our trip. It’s built on an old elevated railroad track that ran right into the warehouses lining the Hudson in Chelsea. It’s planted with native, hardy vegetation, widens in places and narrows to the width of a railroad track in others, and offers views of both the river and the city. In a city full of parks both grand and cozy, the High Line is something special. When I learned it was the place voted “best hot spot for those who engage in the practice of ‘public sex'”, I knew this park had to go in a book. I hope you enjoy these additional pictures of the location and inspiration for Tim and Sarah’s rainy day outing!












For more information and pictures, visit The High Line’s website.

The inspiration for Tim:


I love the way he moves…. 🙂

A few other details:

  • the sympathy puke is a real thing, and one of the many hazards facing paramedics and EMTs.
  • the dramatic jump you see on television when someone applies the paddles and yells “clear!” before shocking the victim is just that – dramatic. Most of the time, the muscles contract, but that’s it. Shocking, yes? 😉
  • the rules and regs surrounding the operation of a food truck are incredibly complicated, and there’s a two year waiting list to get a permit for one in New York City. The cuisine is often really creative, inspiring chefs as they deal with small spaces, limited menus, and the day to day challenges of preparing and distributing food from the back of a vehicle.