Final teaser for Afternoon Delight

Setup: Tim and Sarah have a running challenge…and Tim’s finally won one.

He walked to his apartment in the same erotic haze, the spring sunshine a tangible weight on his skin. The city’s air still smelled fresh, not yet tainted with summer’s heat of exhaust, rubber, asphalt, garbage, and eight million people. He inhaled. Warm buns from the bakery on the corner. The trees, stressed as they were by not enough light and polluted air, were bursting from bud to leaf. He could smell that, too. Not even the cabbage and onions simmering on his downstairs neighbor’s stove could eradicate the promise of sunshine and life.

He carried around plenty, the weight of responsibility for his patients the heaviest burden, the weight of training Casey additional and necessary. He was happy to carry it; passing on knowledge was a critical part of the job. But just like good stress was still stress, any responsibility he shouldered added weight. But the sunshine, like Sarah, somehow lightened the burden.

“Get a grip, Cannon,” he muttered. “Next you’ll be composing poetry to the birds.”

His phone buzzed. He pulled it from his cargo pants pocket and looked at it.

I’ll be there by four.

Finally, the end was in sight. He wanted her to know what to expect, so he sent her a quick response, just to set the mood. Be ready to pay up.

I hope you enjoyed this last teaser…the whole book is on sale tomorrow! 🙂

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