I love the middle of the afternoon. The morning rush is over, evening fun and family times are on the horizon, and there’s usually a little break time for a treat: a bit of chocolate, sneaking a few pages of reading, something quiet, something I’m not likely to announce on Twitter or Facebook. Something just for me.

The heroine in my latest erotic romance, AFTERNOON DELIGHT, feels the same way. Sarah is a chef for a food truck, so her work day winds down in the middle of the afternoon; the hero, Tim, works the day shift as a paramedic, so he’s off work earlier than most people, too. Which leaves them lots of time to do something that feels a little bit secret, a little bit special…fall in love.

The book comes out on September 16, 2014. Every afternoon between now and then I’m going to give you a bite-sized treat of AFTERNOON DELIGHT, to spice up your afternoon. Here, Tim meets Sarah for the first time…

Movement caught his attention. He looked over his left shoulder to see the food truck woman walking toward him, a steaming bowl in one hand. Probably it was her lunch break, too, now that the rush was over. He stood up in case she wanted the bench in the sunshine.

She flashed him that bright smile. “Don’t leave,” she said.

“I thought you wanted this bench,” he said.

“I did, because you were sitting on it.”

A fast talker. Just the way he liked it. He sat back down, stretched his arm across the back of the seat, and smiled back. “Still here, darlin’.”

She held out the bowl, a napkin and spork cupped between her palm and the bottom of the bowl. “Do me a favor and give this a try.”

More mid-afternoon treats coming every day until Sept 16, when AFTERNOON DELIGHT releases! Full excerpt available here, and preorder links are available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon! 😉



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