Celebrate Lauren Jameson’s new release, LINGER, with a cover fight night!

The amazing Lauren Jameson invited me to the Facebook party tomorrow (Sept 2nd) to celebrate her latest release, LINGER. The cover for my Sept 16 release, AFTERNOON DELIGHT, is up against the equally amazing J Kenner’s IGNITED.

How can you possibly choose?!

How can you possibly choose?!


Our round takes place at 8:30pm Pacific Time (that’s 9:30 Mountain, 10:30 Central, and 11:30 Eastern) Stop by the party and vote. Let’s be honest here…with this schedule, you can’t lose at any time.

4:00pm – Cathryn Fox vs. Renee Vincent
4:30pm – Mari Carr vs. Nalini Singh
5:00pm – Monica Murphy vs. Megan Crane
5:30pm – Eden Bradley vs. Laura Kaye
6:00pm – Cooper Davis vs. Jayne Rylon
6:30pm – Ava Conway vs. RG Alexander
7:00pm – Delilah Devlin vs. Kaira Rouda
7:30pm – Cindy Miles vs. Nina Lane
8:00pm – Rachel Van Dyken vs. Elena Aitken
8:30pm – Anne Calhoun vs. Julie Kenner
Stop over and have some fun with the covers,the authors, and especially the fabulous Lauren Jameson! Congrats on the newest release, Lauren!

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