30 Day Challenge: A Week of Rain

We had a fairly dry spring and summer here in the flyover states, but the last week more than made up for it, keeping me off the bike. The farm that grows my CSA share vegetables said their neighbor got 17 inches of rain in 5 days. It’s rained heavily every day except Friday, and been gloomy enough that the sunrise I observed this morning while riding to the coffee shop confused me for a moment, the thick white clouds lit in such a way that the sun appeared to be rising in the north. A few moments on Persie reoriented me. I was glad to be back on Persie after a week of needed rest. While the lump on my leg is slowly subsiding, and the bruising is almost gone, my ankle is still surprisingly tender, given that I don’t remember hitting it at all when I fell. The break from yoga has been good, too. I was ready to go back yesterday, and plan to take class tomorrow with two dear friends.

It’s raining now, the second heavy downpour today. After a while, there’s nothing to do but enjoy it, the lush green grass, the gushing downspouts, the rumble of thunder. The boy has a friend over for the night, and we spent ten minutes outside in our bathing suits, getting thoroughly soaked while throwing the ball for the dog. She thought this was the best thing ever, the whole pack (plus one) outside in the rain, having a good play.

I’ve been reading Mary Stewart’s Arthurian saga, starting with The Crystal Cave, the perfect read for a rainy night. I hope you’re having a good long weekend…

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