30 Day Challenge – Day 8: What I’ve Learned So Far

Yoga: check. Biking: check (but only one trip. I’m slacking!)

It was a nice day for biking, with cloudy skies and a bit of a breeze. I felt a little unsteady on the bike on my way to class, perhaps because all I’d eaten was an apple, and perhaps because I was wearing sandals. I vaguely remember being told not to bike in open toe shoes because you could rip a toenail off (ewwwww, gross), but more to the point, it’s hard to stay confident on the bike if your feet aren’t secure in your shoes. I ran out of steam about half way into hot yoga today, spent a couple of poses playing corpse. Afterwards, I treated myself to a chai tea misto and a scone. Sometimes staying in the room is enough for the day.

There’s the initial excitement for a challenge, but that fades and then there’s the daily slog. Writing a book follows a similar pattern (with a few exceptions that are sheer bliss writing projects, joy from beginning to end). You just keep going, words on the page, minutes on the mat, butt on the bike seat. Initial enthusiasm isn’t enough to get you through. I don’t even think there’s a digging deep moment, where you find some reserve of energy. You just don’t quit, and find a moment-by-moment discovery of energy, surprisingly lacking in swelling violin music or a great catchphrase like winning one for the Gipper. You stay in the room.

Lesson learned: an apple isn’t sufficient sustenance to power one through 90 minutes in a hot yoga room;  wear shoes, not sandals; and stay in the room.


4 comments on “30 Day Challenge – Day 8: What I’ve Learned So Far

    • Thanks for the link! I used it in the next post. 🙂 It definitely resonated, except for the part about biking over logs. The boy is in a mountain biking club, and never in a million years will you catch me coaching. I can’t stay out of the trash bins! 😉

  1. Annonimouse

    Well having attended a hot yoga class too soon after a big meal (office holiday luncheon) I can say there is a balance with how much to eat before hot yoga! I got really dizzy and then sick!

    • This is a good point. Eating prior to hot yoga is a balancing act. You want enough food in your stomach to keep from getting light-headed, but not so much you get sick. The last time I was hard-core into Bikram I lost some weight because I just couldn’t eat a burger and fries, then go to class the next day. I missed cheeseburgers!

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