30 Day Challenge, Day 6: In Which Anne Wipes Out

You know how you get on your bike to take your kid to school and ride down the driveway and turn onto the sidewalk, but your husband has put the garbage out so the cans are in the way and you swerve, lose control, and ride straight into the cans and knock them over, then fall over into the spilled bags of kitchen garbage and dog crap collected from the back yard?

Yeah. Gonna be one of those days.




I haven’t even looked at my leg, where I feel a spectacular bruise forming.

Persie is fine. Mr. C asked about her, too. Good man. My shoulder hurts like a mother, though. Yin yoga today. And maybe some cookies until my hands stop shaking.

Keep me company, folks. Got any good wipeout stories?

ETA: the bruise that formed on my calf:

Other ouch.

Other ouch.

2 comments on “30 Day Challenge, Day 6: In Which Anne Wipes Out

  1. jcm

    Dude! Just remember, guys dig scars . . . or something like that.

    So, I have had some epic awesome crashes. And some just embarrassing ones. When I first started “cycling” (as opposed to just riding my bike like normal people did in 1986 in northern Montana), I got clipless pedals, as you do. But, I forgot I was clipped in and that stopping now required pre-planning and disengaging from the pedal. So I cruised up to a stop sign and just tipped over like Mr Walnetto from Laugh-In. After gracelessly unclipping and crawling out from under my bike I finally noticed the 8 year old boy standing on the corner watching the whole thing. His response? “Lady, you’ve got blood all over your elbow and your knee and your mom is going to be SO MAD!” Heh.

    Welcome to the road rash club. Get some frozen peas on that bruise, pop a couple Advil, and you’ll be good as new.

    • “Your mom is going to be so mad!” LOL!

      I picked myself up out of the trash, then picked up all the trash, then got back on the bike and rode to school with my son. When the nurse (who mans the crosswalk) saw my shoulder and leg she jokingly said, “Do you want a bandaid, Mrs. Calhoun?” I told her I wanted a band aid, some juice, and for her to call my mom.

      Good advice re: the frozen peas. I took a hot bath with Epsom salts, iced the bruise, and I’m not sore at all today. I feel like of tough, actually. I might start swaggering. 😉

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