Breath on Embers: A Visual Tour

I spent a week in New York recently, and while I was there took some pictures on the Upper East Side, where the story is set.

We’ll start with Ronan’s building:

That’s the Croydon, at the corner of 86th and Madison. To the right is Central Park. I used to live in that building, but a rent-controlled two bedroom apartment was only in my dreams.

When Ronan and Thea return from skating at Rockefeller Center, they stop for little while at the north end of the Great Lawn. The view to the south is of Midtown Manhattan. The nighttime view is quite spectacular, but I wasn’t there at night. 🙁

Ronan’s firehouse:

The rectangular frame in the center of the shot with the 9 illuminated spots is that firehouse’s tribute to the 9 firefighters they lost on 9/11. Starbucks he and Tim visited was one block west, at the corner of 85th and Lex. They all look the same, and the exterior was covered in Manhattan’s ubiquitous scaffolding, so I didn’t take a picture.

That’s St Ignatius Loyola at the corner of 84th and Park Avenue. The interior is quite lovely.

Finally, the lights strung in the Park Avenue planters.

That’s closer to Grand Central than the UES, but you get the idea. The lights are strung for over fifty blocks, lighting the way as Ronan and Thea carried their tree home.

Several readers have asked: I made up Idylle. But, perhaps secreted away in the Fashion District there is such a place…

Finally, a bonus Agony/Ecstasy photo. Above is a picture of the building Cole “owns”, overlooking the Metropolitan Museum of Art. To the right, the glass walls enclose the Temple of Dendur, which is the view Cole and Marin see at the very end of Transformed.

Not too shabby. 🙂

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