Backlist Glom

Alison Kent recommended thriller writer Karin Slaughter‘s Fallen just before I left for vacation. Once I realized it was a series, and a freakin’ good one, I borrowed the first two from the library, then picked up a couple to read on vacation. Once I realized the Will Trent series was connected to her previous Grant County series, I had to read those, too. Which lead to this picture of the first page of my Kindle.

This list extends into the 2nd page…a total backlist glom. I’m reading Beyond Reach now, but slowly, after inhaling Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn yesterday. I know what happens at the end of Beyond Reach (no surprise to anyone who started a Slaughter-fest with the Will Trent series) so I’m ready slowly. Despite the characters’ glaring flaws, I’ve come to love them. Happiness, like justice, is a difficult thing to quantify. These books don’t end with everything all right for everyone. They end with some characters a little better off than they were, and others a little worse, still others dead. I’ve absolutely loved the ride.

What’s on your Kindle?

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