Mother’s Day Garden on the 4th of July

For Mother’s Day this year Hub and Small Boy built me a garden, my first garden ever. On the recommendation of a friend we used Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew to plan the garden, and found it wonderfully simple. Here’s a picture of the garden about a week later:

Mother's Day Garden - one week in









Here’s the garden today, roughly seven weeks after planting:














I know! Holy kittens, right? Apparently when you plant seeds in good dirt and water them, they grow WILDLY. The biggest tomato:









Beans and peas, ripening nicely:














Gardening is much like writing. You start with empty earth that’s hopefully rich in nutrients like real life experiences, other books you’ve read or written, movies, music, your own inner world, and you do the basic stuff like water the garden and look after it every day, and things will grow. You’ll harvest some of what grows for the book you’re working on, while other fruit will get stored for the next project. The book I’m working on feels a little like this garden, wildly bountiful but a tad overgrown, a little out of control, but the smell of good earth and the joy of seeing something grow out of nearly nothing is such a reward.

Happy 4th of July to you and yours. May it be full of good things.

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