2 comments on “Cover for WHAT SHE NEEDS

  1. Anything it takes.

    Oh, wait, was that question meant for me? Cause I was kind of hoping, with that gorgeous shirtlessness on the cover… 😉

    It’s a gorgeous cover, totally sexy, just like your writing. Can’t wait to read WHAT SHE NEEDS!!

  2. Uh … I thought that poniitng out on this blog that she had made the list is a form of cheering her.She is more than just the chairman of AREVA. She really formed the company out of several French companies over half a decade ago. Now it’s a company that is very bullish on nuclear.She beat out the first lady, Laura Bush, president wanna-be Senator HillaryClinton, and all of the media folks (e.g., Oprah Winfree and thevarious news anchors).

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