A Post! Wow!

I’m almost ashamed at how little I’ve posted recently, except I’ve been WRITING, and since y’all are here because of my writing, I hope that’s okay. 😉

It’s been a busy few weeks. I’m working hard on revising a romantic suspense story I wrote back in 2007. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned just from writing steadily for a couple of years. There really is no substitute for steady practice leavened with studying craft. I thought the story was good when I wrote it. It was…okay. The premise has promise, but the execution…rough, baby. Rough. I can make it better now, and I will. Maybe it will find a home somewhere, and maybe it won’t, but either way, I’m learning, writing, working it out in my head, working it out on paper (completely different, in my experience, from working it out in my head), finding someone to give it a fresh read, writing, polishing, revising, working, working, working.

In other news, we just returned from vacation. It was fun, although as a completely bookish introvert I find spending a week with my family in a small car and/or small hotel room really exhausting. I love them, but work and school are good things for everyone. Now I’m off to transfer the laundry to drawers and closets via the foyer (sorting area in poorly-designed house) and the laundry room. Then it’s the grocery store. I need a vacation from my vacation!

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