It’s spring. I barely remember winter except it seemed like it would last forever and I would never be warm again. And I’m wickedcrazybusy which isn’t a word, but should be. Things are settling down, slowly, but between prepping for RT and writing because THAT’S WHAT I DO, several times in the last month I have forgotten to brush my teeth. So far I have not forgotten to deliver the Small Boy to and from school. Relief. All appears normal to the outsider, appears being the key word in that sentence.

So, yeah, I’ll be in Columbus, Ohio next week at the Romantic Times conference. If you’re going, look me up. I’ll have chocolate, I promise! I’m speaking on the Harlequin Series panel on Wednesday 4/28 at 2:30 with Julie Miller et al, and giving a workshop at 11 a.m. on 4/30 called Revision Quest with the fabulous Robin L. Rotham. Robin and I both believe strongly in an effective revision process being key to writing books readers love, and we’ve worked hard to gather our ideas and techniques into the workshop. I’ll also be at the print book fair on 5/1, and just around, hanging out, the rest of the time.

In the meantime, I hope spring has arrived in your part of the world. The trees and grass are so green here that my eyes hurt when I look out the window. It’s wonderful.

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