How Did You Get Here?

One of the fun things about having a website is the ability to see the search engine phrases people typed in to get to this page. For example, I posted about Katherine Heigl and Janet Evanovich, and presto, got a couple of hits from people searching the Internet for those phrases. Yesterday I got a hit from someone who typed “sexy romantic fucking movie” into a search engine. Um. Yup. Not a movie. A book. But yup…that’s the basic idea + characters, a plot, and a HEA. Carry on.

My favorite, my absolute favorite, is the person who typed “large breasts in a lacy hunter green bra” in a search engine and found…well…Lacey and Hunter. I do not want to know WHY said individual was searching the internet for “large breasts in a lacy hunter green bra” but all the same, welcome, and thanks for the laugh!

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