Process #4 – Enough?

As a writer, how do I know when enough is enough?

It’s a big question, covering territory from “enough for today” to “enough prework” to “enough mucking around with that sentence/scene/chapter/book”. It’s a tough question, too. Perfectionists among us always want one more pass, one more read-through. Others, those working under deadlines perhaps, say, “Good enough” and move on. Sometimes time constraints limits me, sometimes physical issues limit me. But whatever the stage, there is always a point of diminishing returns. I just hit it for today, and while I can try to fool myself into thinking, “I can do some research, or twiddle that storyboard a bit more,” all I’m going to do is rearrange territory and let time slip away from me.

Robin Rotham loaned me three Laura Kinsale books from the early 90s. They are 500 pages each, full of lush, rich detail and enough angst for anyway, including me. It’s time for tea and chocolate and reading.


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