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I’m not the only author who blogs about writing…and I’m certainly not the most talented, or the most eloquent, either. Paula Graves, a Harlequin Intrigue author, is running a series of posts called Wednesday Writer’s Workshop. Her first post is about the three act structure, aka “the formula”. Genre fiction critics like to deride the “formulaic” nature of romance or mystery or even sci fi books. The truth is that the formula comprises the basic structure for movies, plays, and yes, genre fiction, has been around for a couple thousand years. Paula’s first post is succinct and well-written, as you’d expect from someone who’s broken into one of the most competitive houses around – yes, that’s Harlequin Enterprises (rumor has it they get around 40K unsolicited manuscripts a year…and that doesn’t include rejected proposals from current authors).

Plus, her blog name just rocks. Come on…brilliant!

Stop by and check it out. Writers love to talk about writing. Some of us do it better than others – well done, Paula! – and it’s well worth the read.

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