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Just spent 5 days in Florida with some fam. The weather was awesome, temps in the mid 70s, sun and clouds and just the right amount of humidity. It took me three flights to get to my final destination, but I come prepared for trips like that. I bought books, the old fashioned kind, for long flights and longer layovers.

I’ve been very blessed to meet artists from a variety of fields, including a woman named Jen who used to dance with Robert Battle’s Battleworks Company in NYC. Jen recommended my most favorite book on the artist’s life, The War of Art. She also recommended Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit, which didn’t read for five years but purchased for the trip, and devoured. Absolutely devoured. Tharp’s a dancer/choreographer but really, creating art is creating art, regardless of the format. Her first god is discipline. Her second is her process. I’m working through the book again and will post snippets as I work her ideas into my own process.

Let’s see. Working on (and learning from) some revisions. I’ve said elsewhere that if you approach them in the right frame of mind (ie: sensibly, not author-zilla), revisions can teach you quite a bit. One thing I learned from this round is to read through my editor’s suggestions first, identify the suggestion most likely to affect the story’s core, and start there. I’d gone through and done the piddly little stuff (you used “dirty” four times in three sentences…please revise) then got to a big thing (Can you expand this scene, please?). In the process of writing the expanded scene I’ve discovered a completely different motivation for the main character, which will require a second round of revisions to the rest of the story. Sigh. Live and learn. I really should make a revisions check list.

Right now I really should get back to work on the revisions.

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