A Day By The Numbers

# of snowstorms in our area: 1

# of snow tires on my car: 0 (v. bad when trying to get up hill and driveway into garage after Starbucks outing – chai lattes = crack)

# of sick adults in our house: 2

# of sick kids: 0 (v. bad with 2 sick adults)

# of hrs healthy kid spent watching TV today: 8 (expect child protective svcs at front door any time now…except they can’t get here. Whew!)

# of times I put snow gear on healthy kid while trying to avoid hacking up a lung: 4

# of cups of tea made: 6

# of cups of tea drunk while still hot: 2 (why? why?)

# of men necessary to push car into garage after Hero takes it out to buy gas for snowblower: 2 (nice neighbor)

# of snow tires currently on front wheel drive car: 2 (thank you, Hero)

# of words written: 0

And school *headdesk* is closed *headdesk* again *headdesk* tomorrow *headdesk*

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