Location, Location, Location

I’m typing my first post in my brand new office! This is a huge deal for me. I love my husband beyond all rational sense, but he’s what I call a “shedder”. He just puts stuff down wherever he happens to be when he wants to get rid of it. Keys, wallet, glasses, BlackBerry, pieces of scrap paper, tools (both power and manual), the newspaper, the laptop, whatever. This means when he worked at my old desk, in our shared office, I had to find drafts under whatever he’d shed the night before. Things were never where I left them, including files on the virtual and real desktop. And, despite the fact that we have, between us, three laptops and a file server in the basement, the only machine he liked to work on was my Mac.

I am too old and too long married to consider this flattering.

But…I now have my own office. Complete with a south window (sunshine!), hardwood floors, and in a week or so, a refurbished MacBook Air of my own, a 4×8 corkboard and a 4×8 whiteboard. For plotting, and stuff. Creative stuff. No one will have any business in here but mememe! Hurrah!

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