Dialogue…Of Sorts

Verbatim conversation at the dinner table tonight:

Me: Did we ever see A Room with a View?

My Hero: Who was in it?

Me: Helena Bonham Carter and Maggie Smith.

MH: Who?

Me: Maggie Smith. She was the House leader for Gryffindor.

MH: Doesn’t help me at all. Was she in Northern Exposure?

Me: No! That’s Janine Turner. She played Maggie something or other.

MH: Well, anything with Helena Bonham Carter in it has to be good.

Me: You just like her because she strips in most of her movies.

MH: She does?

Me: *eye roll* She played the crazy one in Harry Potter.

MH: Beatrice LeStrange.

Me: Bellatrix LeStrange and how you can remember that but not eggs and milk at the grocery store is beyond me.

MH: *big grin*

Me: You just like them crazy.

MH: *laughs* I like them crazy, and curvy.

Me: We’re a good fit, then.

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