Vacation Procrastination

Like the imagination station, eh?

Some days I feel like writing. I go into my office, sit down at my laptop and words spill from my fingers onto the screen. Today is not one of those days. Today I’m catching up from the weekend and thinking ahead to a mini-vacation which begins on Wednesday. As a person who has to motivate herself, it’s far to easy to say, “Well, I’ve got that doctor appt this afternoon, and I need to start thinking about packing (not pack – it’s too soon to pack), and there’s a book I’ve been meaning to read, and it would be fun to go downtown and browse the bookstore for magazines for my trip and..,”

And and and. That’s the procrastination part. But I pledged to myself that I’d write 10 pgs before leaving on my mini-break. And 10 pages I will have. That’s not much in the big scheme of things. 5 today, 5 tomorrow, with plenty of time to do the shopping and bread baking in between.

Now…to begin…

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