I'm On Vacation

At home. It’s kind of a stay-cation, kind of a “My crit partner’s reviewing something and it feels like a good week to live at a coffee shop and read”-cation. So today I have: a) gone to a yoga class at 6 a.m., b) cleaned the bathroom, c) cleaned myself, d) had a chai latte, e) had coffee with a friend, f) sent huge congrats to another friend who’s on the verge of signing a 3 book deal, and g) chatted with yet another friend.

It’s 1 p.m. I’m about to have lunch. There might be a nap involved in this afternoon’s activities. There will certainly be reading. This. And this. And rereading this.

I could really get behind this as a lifestyle.

But the voices in my head, the ones that are kind of indistinct, as they often are with new characters and new situations, are starting up again. Some days I dread this, the approaching moment when I’ll have to open a BLANK Word document and write some total crap so I can revise it and make it into crap, then a decent draft. Other days it feels so natural, of course I want to write!

Not today. Lunch. Nap. Read. It’s vacation, rejuvenation, relaxation, refilling the well, whatever. It’s good.

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