The Moment

Books, especially romances, are full of moments. The moment the hero and heroine meet (often the inciting incident in a romance). Moments of discovery, when the characters learn something about the plot or each other and are forever changed. The big black moment (aka the BBM) when plot or love (or both) falls apart. The HEA (happily ever after) when the characters realize that despite all the odds/obstacles/BBM they will be together. Forever.

Writing has far fewer moments. Writing is a daily slog, but every so often you have a moment as a writer. A good moment. A moment when you read something and think, “Damn, that’s good.” (Often you’ll hate the same section the next day, but that’s a different moment, a “Why bother?” moment). My favorite moment, however, is the moment when you write a scene, however horrible the rough draft form, and come away from it knowing you’ve turned a corner in a manuscript. You now know something you didn’t know and needed to know, something that makes the sweat and teeth-grinding worth the effort. Usually it’s something subtle about the characters, or a piece of writing that makes everything make sense (but we won’t talk about how that revelation must now be woven through the previous 10K words).

Moments like that…I love this job. Love it. And the good thing is the euphoria carries me for a few days. Everything’s a little easier after one of those moments. It will fade, of course. But for now…things are good.

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