Some not-so-cool stuff…

One of the cool things about blogging is tracking how people arrive at your blog. To get here people have typed “anne calhoun” into a search engine, or “liberating lacey” or “mortgage broker sex” (who knew?) or  “sexy romantic slave” (I don’t want to know).

They’ve also typed things like “liberating lacey free download” and, horrifyingly, “going too far by jennifer echols + free download”.

People, I’m appalled. If you find my book available for free somewhere on the internet and you download it, you’re stealing both from me and from my publisher. That’s wrong, and perhaps more important, it’s bad karma. Same thing goes for downloading music. You want artists of any kind to keep producing the art you want to read or listen to or look at? Buy it. I buy your services as a cable installer or a programmer or a barista or a lawyer. Buy mine as a writer (or Jennifer Echols’…and trust me, her book is well worth the $8.40 you’ll pay for it on amazon or similar).

That is all.

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  1. Amen, sister!

    I know this is an issue that all writers face. Free downloads can be devastating to authors who earn their living (aka pay their bills) through writing. If you steal his/her work, then eventually that author won’t be able to continue writing because those bills still have to be paid.

    But I must say, you explained the writer’s position in the most clear, understandable way I’ve ever read. Thank you.

    And listen, readers, if you haven’t read LIBERATING LACEY yet, go to your computer and BUY it now! It’s a truly affordable, entertaining, rewarding way to spend your time and money. I loved it!!

    Julie Miller

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