Juju Balance

Now, some cool stuff to balance the previous post (because karma is real…I’m just sayin’…)

Missy Higgins, a singer/songwriter from Australia. Talk about rocking…this girl has mad storytelling skillz. Watch this video of her incredible acoustic performance on CBS’s Saturday Morning Show.

I’m in a little poetry jag at the moment, reading Nikki Giovanni for fun and profit (maybe) and some Jane Kenyon, too. Got any favorites? Let me know!

Getting the characters in my current WIP…finally. It took about 10K words…10K of the wrong words. Trust me, the right words don’t flow from my fingers into the laptop. But I’m there now…and reading more Laura Kinsale helps. I just reread The Hidden Heart, and I have nothing but admiration for Kinsale’s writing. Having read two of her books back to back, I’m in awe of her ability to create completely different characters in each book. So often writers write the same story again and again, or characterize their characters in the same way. Not Kinsale. Jervaulx is NOT Gryf. Maddy isn’t Tess. It’s so SATISFYING as a reader. Draining as a writer, but the effort’s worth the price.

Still grooving to Going Too Far. Enough said.

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