The Ups and Downs of Life in General

A couple of months ago I got a recall notice for my car. It didn’t sound serious, so I waited until I had thirty-six seconds of free time and made an appointment at my dealership. This was for a recall on a doohickey and an oil change, which is way more expensive at the dealership but I wasn’t going to deal with “car stuff” at two different places to save ten bucks. So I took the car in, hitched a ride home with my husband, and worked. Seven pages today, plus some other “writing stuff” I had to do. I’m not feeling descriptive tonight.

The dealership calls not to tell me my car is ready but that they’ve found a tack in the wall of the right front tire and I need to replace the tire. Grrrr…but I’m not doing that at the dealership because it’s way more expensive, so the dealership puts the spare on my car and hubby and I drive over to the tire store where we pay $450 for 4 brand new tires (the old ones had 50K miles on them and we got a $50 Home Depot gift certificate if we bought four tires). So a $30 trip to the dealership turns into a $500 day, plus I still had to go to two car places.

As Scarlett says, tomorrow is another day. For me it’s another day with four brand spanking new performance tires. Woot!

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