Addendum + New Thoughts

More fun about writing…as I sat down to write today’s post I reread yesterday’s post and figured out what I was supposed to say at the end of the first paragraph, after “Lifeless. Twaddle.”

I was supposed to say that this is the difference between thinking about writing (plotting, doing character charts or GMC charts or any other kind of charts, plot boards, synopses, scene documents, etc etc etc) and actually writing. I’ve done all the due diligence on these folks, Daniel and Elaine, my H/h, my folks who are falling in love. I know what they look like, what they fear, what’s driving them, their goals. I know how the scenes need to look, as they bizarrely insist on playing out in my mind when I’m trying to fall asleep. I know what needs to happen. I know this intellectually, like I know the grass is green or E = MCsquared.

Writing it is totally different. Totally different. Writing it involves a completely separate section of your brain, the creative side that is, if you’re lucky, plugged into the muse or some universal force in the ether containing all the Stories. (If you’re not lucky you’re going to pull that story out of your ass via your toenails with rusty, dysfunctional tweezers.) Doing all that other stuff isn’t writing. It just isn’t. It’s thinking, planning, processing, judging, evaluating, and organizing. It’s not writing. So knowing what to do doesn’t count towards getting it done, just like thinking about cleaning the garage, planning all the cool ways to store your tools, how great the floor will look when it’s swept, isn’t actually cleaning the garage. You have to think before you act, but eventually you’ve got to act or the garage will never get clean.

That’s what I meant to say at the end of the first paragraph yesterday. The cool thing about writing is that I got to say it – just a day later.

Now I’ve forgotten today’s thought. Oh well. This one was good, too.

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