Fabulous Friday Weather

85 degrees and streaming sunshine…plus the hub and kid are off to a baseball game tonight. My big dilemma?

To tattoo or not to tattoo…that is the question.

Way back when I was a writing tadpole I promised myself I’d get either a tattoo or a motorcycle when I sold my first book. First book sold, revised and coming out on May 13. Do I have a tattoo or a motorcycle? No. The streets of my town will be SO much safer if I’m behind the week, not on a bike. And…my husband hates tattoos. Hates them. He’s put his foot down about two things in our marriage…tattoos being one of them…otherwise, I’m pretty effectively pampered. Just not tattooed.

So, to tattoo or not to tattoo? Any thoughts?

PS – Meghan, I removed the comma between revised and and just for you! 😉

4 comments on “Fabulous Friday Weather

  1. Liz

    How interesting! The Chicago Manual of Style, which is authoritative for my job, says “[w]hen a conjunction joins the last two elements in a series, a comma–known as the serial or series comma or the Oxford comma–should appear before the conjunction.” The reason given is that it “prevents ambiguity.”

    I say no tattoo. I regret getting mine. Plus, some compromise is inevitable in a happy marriage.

  2. LOL, Liz – when I revised LL I spent about two hours autosearching the file for “, and” because, like you, I used CMS for papers. However, and this made sense when I read the EC Style Guide, the comma does slow down the reader. It’s intended to suggest a pause where we don’t necessarily want one. I did leave some in when I felt clarity was at stake…the copy editor may have done away with even those.

    You regret your tattoo? Hmmmm….

  3. @Meghan – I was thinking a very pretty pink lotus flower blooming on my wrist but my massage therapist told me the inner wrist is very sensitive and tattoos there hurt quite a bit.

    Maybe I’ll go with the motorcycle after all. 😉

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