Insulation Installation

If you should happen to hire an energy expert to assess your house’s areas for improvement, and if said energy expert should happen to recommend adding more insulation to your attic, this is my recommendation:

1. Hire someone to do it.

2. Hire someone to clean your house after the installation has been installed.

3. Leave keys for the installers and the cleaners. Leave home for several days.

4. Return home to a clean, insulated house!

Otherwise, like me, you’ll spend your Wednesday night vacuuming and dusting after your husband, who is a sweaty, dusty, aching, grumpy mess, has installed approximately 30 inches of insulation in your attic. On the very, very, very big plus side, we spent about $300 for insulation, which is our total out-of-pocket cost for this project.

I’m off to dust.

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