Oh Noes!

I have two words guaranteed to strike fear into the heart of any working parent: Pink. Eye.

Not me. My son. No school today + no school tomorrow = writing schedule shot to hell. I’ll work in some other things, promotional stuff to get ready for Lacey’s release, etc, but to add insult to injury my husband needs me to take Wednesday off to assist with a household project. We discovered that we have about six inches of blown insulation in our attic. We live in the Midwest, which is the Freakin’ Frozen Tundra five months out of the year, so we need about 26 inches of insulation. Dear Hubby found a bunch of insulation for free from a building that was being destroyed (yeah! free is good!), and it’s in his stall in the garage (bad!). IOW, it needs to go in the attic NOW.

Or Wednesday…my next free day. Guess who gets to hand the insulation up to him? Me. Mememe. Thursday, you say? What about Thursday? Thursday is Kindergarten Round Up and my biweekly massage appointment (which is Not Negotiable). Thursday’s shot. Friday’s looking good so far. It’s just FOUR DAYS AWAY.

Oh noes. Oh noes oh noes oh noes. On the plus side, I’ve started Twilight, which seems like a book I can read in front of PBS Kids, so that’ll be fun. Maybe I’ll clean some closets. Or maybe I’ll just watch PBS Kids with my son.

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