Rainy Monday

It’s cool and gray and drizzly here today, and I can see the grass greening before my very eyes. This is nice, because I spent the last four days feeling very, very ill. Today I feel about 85% well, which is well enough to work. I wrote perhaps 1000 fresh words late last week, but I did work on revisions, smoothing out the current WIP so I can finish the rough draft in the next couple of weeks.

Every writer has a different process, which is one of the reasons why it’s so important for new writers to write alot, daily if they can, so they have a foundation into which to plug classes/books/suggestions/ideas/tip/techniques. Don’t worry about learning a bad habit or “doing it wrong”. The only bad habit you really have to worry about is not writing, letting the kids or the husband or the dog or the mailman or who/whatever keep you from writing. Everything else is correctable.

The exception, of course, is my current bad habit of needing chocolate to write. Very bad. Hard to break.

So, my own style is to write as much as I can. Once I get started, scenes and dialogue start jumping around in my brain. I get that down, in scene form (not chapters). Eventually I will reach a point where the story doesn’t make sense emotionally. Motivations will be off or wrong or just flat out clunky. Then I go back and do scene worksheets and think about motivation. It’s backwards, I know. But I just don’t know this stuff until the characters have been dancing on the page for a while. I do a line edit of what I’ve written, revise, then go again. The rest of the work comes more easily, and revisions get less complicated from that point on.

I do a synopsis and a scene document before I start writing, so it’s not like I’m starting cold. Again, trial and error. These two documents help me remember what I liked about the project in the first place. Believe it or not, I forget that. Once the characters get on the page they start doing their own thing, going off on tangents, or behaving differently than I’d planned. It’s my job as the writer to either say, “yeah, go with that” or “Nope, we’re going back to the original”. Either way is fine. This is another good reason to write a synopsis first, so you’ve got a reference point.

Enough talk about writing. Time to write

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