What You Have To Do…

If you want to be a writer is write. You also have to read.

This isn’t optional.

A close friend told me her daughter wants to be a writer. I asked her who her favorite authors were, and she said, “Oh, she doesn’t read. She doesn’t like reading. It’s boring.”

Hmmmm…I’m certainly from an “older generation” than this teenager, but IMHO, and it’s JMHO, writers have to read. It’s like the James Morrison/Nellie Furtado song, Broken Strings. You can’t play on broken strings if you’re a musician. And if you’re a writer who isn’t reading…you’re playing on broken strings. Reading is where you get ideas, vocabulary, themes, motifs, everything. Sure, you get ideas from real life and music and theater and TV and movies and magazines…but you get your strings from reading.

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  1. Agreed. Her daughter will find that out, or she won’t become a writer. Or not a published one. I can’t imagine a writer who doesn’t read and doesn’t love reading. It’s how most people decide they want to become writers in the first place…


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